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Creating better pathways to better health

A specialist healthcare data science and service company, providing a range of health programs and services.

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Health Program Services

Honeysuckle Health offer a range of healthcare programs and services tailored to customers.

Hospital Support Program
Care Support Program
Mental Health Hospital Support Program
Mental Health Care Support Program
Injury Support Program
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About Honeysuckle Health

Our purpose is to deliver better health outcomes for customers and communities generally.

Understand our customers’ current and future health needs
Provide health programs and services tailored to customers
Generate insights from data, to understand future healthcare risk
Hospital, medical and general treatment contracting

At Honeysuckle Health, we generate insights from data, to predict future healthcare risks, measure the impact of and more precisely target health interventions. We draw upon our partner and leading healthcare provider Cigna for their in-depth expertise and intellectual property in data science technologies whilst developing new capabilities of our own.

Our Health Service Contracting team contract with providers to deliver value-based care, support decision making of individuals and healthcare providers. Our team of clinicians, including experienced registered nurses deliver our own health management programs which help individuals achieve the best possible outcomes and improve the overall health of the population.
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